Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Driver for Windows Mac

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Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Driver

How To Authorize and De-Authorize a Sony® Reader Device on an Apple® Macintosh Computer · Video: How To Authorize and De-Authorize a Sony® Reader. Is the Sony PRS Touch Edition a better ebook reader than the Kindle? Read this review and watch a video to find out which one is best for. Get the detailed list of (technical) specifications for the Sony PRS Battery Life (reading EPUB eBooks) EPUB eBooks (Adept) BBeB eBooks (Marlin).

Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Last

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Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Driver

But it's our job at CNET to compare products to one another, and thus we can tell you that you'll notice a clear difference between this screen Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader that of the Amazon Kindle and Sony's Reader Pocket Edition PRSwhich offers slightly better contrast than Amazon's e-reader. It's a shame, because in most other regards, the PRS is a very good e-reader.

Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Driver for Windows Mac

Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader off, let's get the wireless issue out of the way: Sony has tapped its upcoming Reader Daily Edition to go toe-to-toe with the Kindle, so you'll want to wait for that one if the dearth of cellular wireless is a deal breaker. Otherwise, the PRS is fairly loaded with features.

Beyond its MB of usable built-in memory--good for storing about e-books--there's a set of dual expansion slots on the top of the unit for both SD and Memory Stick Duo memory cards. Also, you get annotation and note-taking capabilities you can write directly on the screen with the included stylusMP3 audio, and JPEG image viewing.

And its use of the EPUB file format opens the door to a variety of free content, including public domain Google Books Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader and titles that can be electronically checked out from many local libraries. To protect your investment, the device ships with an inexpensive yet functional neoprene black slip cover.

Fancier covers, such as the leather-styled one that comes with the PRS, are also available, but they'll cost you extra it seems as if Sony had to cut corners on Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader cover to keep costs down. This model comes in blacksilverand red and retains the look, feel, and interface of the PRS with a clean, minimalist styling and only a handful of buttons. The PRS's 6-inch screen has an xpixel resolution and eight levels of grayscale color e-book screens won't be available anytime Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader.

Like most other electronic paper products, the PRS uses "e-ink" technology that serves to Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader the letters and words on the screen look more printlike in their appearance.

Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader Windows Vista 64-BIT

One of the characteristics of e-ink is that when you turn a page or scroll from one onscreen menu item to another, there's a Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader delay as the screen refreshes. That's true of this model of this model, too, but we found it to be zippier than the PRS and turned pages a fraction of a second more quickly.

Its faster processor also is helpful when accessing PDF files, particularly larger ones, and using Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader zoom feature on those documents. Larger screen e-readers are more suitable for viewing PDF files, but while this one doesn't do a great job with them, it does significantly better than the PRS and the Kindle 2.

Comparing the PRS with the PRS side by side, the first thing you notice is that the letters and icons on this model appear lighter while the background on the PRS is slightly darker read: You'll also notice that when you Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader the two units together and tilt them, the PRS's screen is much more reflective. At certain angles, with normal overhead lighting, the glare is so bad that you can't read the text on parts of the screen.

Needless to say, the combination of these drawbacks renders your reading experience not as good as it Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader should--be. In case you're wondering, there's no way to adjust the contrast. Also, there's also no backlight, but--considering that it didn't really work that well in the PRSwe're not complaining. With the custom Zoom you slide a dial with your finger or the stylus to your desired level of magnification.

Sony PRS Touch Edition Review, Hands-on Video Review

You can pan around the page with on-screen arrows or you can drag the page by holding down and dragging on the screen. The Zoom works as if you are viewing an image. One annoying thing about the Zoom, however, is that it resets whenever you turn pages. Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader also can't add Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader or check the dictionary while in Zoom mode because it's an independent feature that has different touchscreen commands to facilitate panning. If you just want to increase the text size you can increase it to five levels like any other ebook, but images will usually not show up when doing this and formatting may change.

If you add notes to one text size setting they won't show up on another setting.

Instead, a bookmark icon appears in the corner. If you click on it you can view your notes in the text size you originally made them.

Sony Touch Edition PRS-600 500MB, Wi-Fi, 6in - Black

I've tried a few graphic novels and they displayed a lot better than I thought Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader would. The image detail is surprisingly good, and the text was easily readable on the ones I tried, but I've heard of others rendering to small to read without zooming.

The main thing with PDFs is this: Hardware Sony's readers are probably the most solidly built ebook readers on the market. The metal casing of the PRS feels strong and durable in your hand; it's not made of hard plastic like other ebook readers. It looks sleek too, and the rubberish coating on the back has a nice feel. The stylus is a little on the small side for my personal taste, but it fits nicely inside Sony PRS-600 eBook Reader frame of the reader when you're not using it.

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