OCZ Behemoth Mouse Driver UPDATE

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OCZ Behemoth Mouse Driver

When it comes to clicky rodents, there are two pieces of crucial advice PCFormat gives: buy a Logitech G9, or, if you're richer, buy a Microsoft. In regards to drivers, the OCZ Behemoth uses a generic Microsoft driver included in Windows. It is recognized as a HID-compliant mouse. Those who have large hands have to struggle with tiny mice. To cater to these users OCZ is releasing the Behemoth, a gaming-grade mouse.

OCZ Behemoth Mouse Driver UPDATE

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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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OCZ Behemoth Mouse Driver

It is recognized as a HID-compliant mouse.

The lack of requiring a special driver is great, because it renders the Behemoth compatible with any computer system with a Windows operating system. The driver mini-CD included with the Behemoth includes a simple The version of the executable is the same as the one found on OCZ Technology's website: The GUI of the software is very simple and a minimum of text is used. Several arrows are located on the first screen OCZ Behemoth Mouse the software.

OCZ Behemoth Mouse

OCZ Behemoth Mouse Driver for Windows 10

Although it may be confusing at first, the arrows are very straight-forward and they simply indicate where the profile should be loaded: In total, the mouse can hold four different profiles. The OCZ Behemoth Mouse is the non-customizable profile that is preconfigured by OCZ Technology: Three customizable profiles may be OCZ Behemoth Mouse onto the mouse's on-board memory. In total, six buttons may be customized, and the buttons that cannot be customized are the left button and the DPI switcher button.

The right button R-Buttonscroll wheel button M-buttonthe left side button Button-4and the right side button Button-5 are highly customizable. Each function that the buttons may have OCZ Behemoth Mouse very handy and works well.

OCZ Behemoth Mouse Driver Windows XP

The list of functions that these buttons may have is the following: OCZ Behemoth Mouse up to times until deactivation b. OCZ Behemoth Mouse patented design provides users a wide range to re-define their own mouse and eliminate the need for additional software to unlock the extra mouse functions. With the flip of a switch revert to the regular function back to your own gaming function its like owning two mice in one!

With real-time profile change there is no delaying from when you work to when you want to play.

OCZ Behemoth Mouse 64 BIT

True Hardware dpi selection Change the speed anytime during combat. The dpi toggle with LED status indicator gives on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment to match mouse speed to your game environment. Via the application software, users can redefine the dpi number as they choose. OCZ Behemoth Mouse

Ergonomic Style Looks are just the beginning! The OCZ Behemoth gaming mouse features superb ergonomics for hours of fatigue-free use and ultimate comfort. The large, professional shape provides users an unsurpassed experience during combat, and the stylish body will have other gamers turning their heads when they see OCZ Behemoth Mouse play.

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